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Jeff's Viewpoint

Sears Point Raceway, Sonoma California July 22, 2001


After Qualifying 9th in GT class, the weekend seemed set for Jeff Pabst and Kyser Racing
to improve upon their previous impressive finishes in the extremely competitive ALMS GT
class. After taking the green the battle was on.  While attempting to overtake the Seikel racing Porsche on lap 31, the door was shut on Jeff causing irreparable suspension damage and Kyser Racing's day was, unfortunately done. The accident occurred on the final turn of the 2.52 mile circuit  leaving Jeff stranded on the notorious "Gilligan's Island"

"It has to be the most challenging circuit I've competed on to date" Jeff  said in a post race interview. "Very physically demanding, it beats you up! It was a great run and I was having a blast until it came to the abrupt end.  I'm looking  forward to racing there again in the future,
but for now we'll look ahead to Mosport.  We'll be strong there at my home track."

" Full race results"