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Jeff's Viewpoint

Mosport International Raceway
Bowmanville, Ontario  08/19/01



With Jeff and the Kyser Racing team back home in Canada, local fans experienced
the tense, yet exciting atmosphere of the  ALMS first hand this weekend.
In Saturday's warm up session disaster fell upon the Kyser team when major
engine failure plagued the 911 GT3R Porsche.  Jeff had only completed one lap
of practice when he had to pull in with the strickened car. With only three hours
remaining until qualifying, a new engine was obtained, installed and the
car was back in action.  Jeff qualified the car 7th in GT, 20th overall.

Race day arrived, and the weather seemed to be the key factor as a series
of heavy rains made teams re-think their strategy. As for Jeff and Kyser racing,
"let it rain" was the motto and "rain-meister Jeff" started the event  and brilliantly
kept the Porsche out of trouble and gained positions on the field. A very superb
piece of driving by Jeff was seen by all, when exiting corner 10 a LM675 machine
spun in front of Jeff in the wet forcing Jeff to use it as a pylon and slalom around it!

The sun was shining through as Jeff neared the first half of his shift and the car
was brought in for a change to dry rubber. He continued to keep the  Kyser/Pfaff
Porsche flawlessly lapping Mosport's 2.5 mile course untill handing over the helm to
team principal Kye Wankum.  Jeff and Kye finished 6th in class, 17th overall.

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